Lofi Study Music Mix – (1Hour)

Looking for the perfect background music to study to? Look no further than this 1 hour chill lofi hip hop beats mix! Featuring tracks from LAKEY INSPIRED and KaizanBlu, this mix is sure to provide the perfect vibe for studying, relaxing, or just chilling out.  Please subscribe to our youtube channel HERE @ https://goo.gl/fh3rEJ <3 <3 <3 #nocopyright #royaltyfree

🎧♪♫ [ Track List ] ♫♪🎧

00:00 LAKEY INSPIRED – Golden Hour

02:45 LAKEY INSPIRED – Wonder

06:31 LAKEY INSPIRED – The Process

10:34 LAKEY INSPIRED – Watching The Clouds

14:23 LAKEY INSPIRED – On My Way

17:57 LAKEY INSPIRED – 5 Min Call

20:55 LAKEY INSPIRED – That Girl

23:56 LAKEY INSPIRED – Chill Day

27:08 KaizanBlu – Lowlights

29:21 LAKEY INSPIRED – Morning Jam

32:19 LAKEY INSPIRED – Moving On

34:33 LAKEY INSPIRED – Feeling Good

37:50 LAKEY INSPIRED – Days Like These

40:35 LAKEY INSPIRED – Feels Like Home

44:37 LAKEY INSPIRED – Golden Hour (Repeat)

47:22 LAKEY INSPIRED – Fast Lane

50:16 LAKEY INSPIRED – Better Days (Extended)

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